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The club first started out as a commercial extension of Interior R/C in late 1992; when we started racing indoors in the Gym at UCC. Unfortunately, it appeared that the agreement we had with the UCC was actually with one of the people who ran the gym, and he was keeping the rental himself. 


After that, we (still "Interior R/C" at the time) rented a warehouse where the Superstore is now, and ran there for about a year and a half. We also built an outdoor track there (it would be in their parking lot these days). When we "lost" the warehouse (someone offered a higher rent), we kept the outdoors track. At that time Pat Olmstead formed the club we know today, and arranged for us to race in one of the Sahali elementary schools during the winter. Interior R/C gave the outdoor track to the club the following summer (Ren was very tired of running the races and also trying to run an R/C store and team all at the same time).


The highlight of our time at the "Superstore" track was two ROAR Canadian National Off Road Championships, in 1996 and 1997. We lost that track when the Superstore people wanted to start building. At that time, Pat negotiated with the City to get the MacDonald Park tracks. Pat resigned as President about a year later, and Chris Wilson took over as President. Highlights of the tracks at MacDonald Park were the two ROAR Canadian National Pavement championships, in 1999 and 2000. Chris resigned after the first of these, and I think Richard Viventi (who had secured OLPH as an indoor track for several years) took over as President for a year or two. Ren took over after that, and worked with Brent to secure the current outdoor site at the Valleyview arena. Brent took over as President in 2003 and moved the indoor racing to McGowan Park Elementary where we raced for a few seasons.  

2018 Update:

Thompson Valley R/C Race Club has continued to grow and improve. Offroad seasons through 2007 to today have seen us be a key member of several Western Canada based R/C series. Indoors, the Western Canadian Indoor Championship Series has made TVRCRC a key cross over point in their 8 race series strechting from Victoria to Regina. 

The passed two seasons, TVRCRC has partnered with Northills Shopping Center for an indoor race location. We have can setup the indoor racing carpet and leave the track setup all winter long. This has allowed for us to develop a Demo Program, host "offroad" events, Tiny Whoop (mini quad copters), and R/C Driver Clinics in addition to our regular Onroad race program. 

2019 is looking to be another great year for us. We look forward to what it brings. 

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